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Simple - 19, openly gay, Australian uni student. Anything else just ask :)
Here I mainly post random text posts, funny things and photos of hot people. Jessica Chastain is my Redheaded Princess. Swan Queen shipper 'til the end.
Matt Bomer is my King.

My TV shows include: Suits, White Collar, Nip/Tuck, Breaking Bad, Entourage, OUAT, The Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights, True Blood, etc.
My all time favourite films: Mulholland Drive + Brokeback Mountain.
Currently (and always will be) obsessed with: Jessica Chastain.

Just bull things. 


Just bull things. 

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this weekend i saw some kids driving down the sidewalk in a toy jeep and i thought to myself, “that would be fun. they should make an adult version” until i realized what i was thinking of was just cars. we already have an adult version of toy jeeps. it’s called a jeep.

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An asexual and pansexual become room-mates and have wacky adventures

The show is called ‘All or Nothing’

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Normally, I don’t like to put-down other ships, but, there is something that really scares me about the relationship between Hook and Emma that reaches far beyond the show of Once Upon a Time.

As Jenny Schecter says, so beautifully in The L Word, “there isn’t a single girl or woman in this world that hasn’t been intruded upon and and sometimes it’s relatively benign, and sometimes it’s so fucking painful.” And Hook intrudes upon Emma. See, as a woman I can attest to this, every one of us knows what it is like to be intruded upon in some manner (there are men who know this as well, but it is a guaranty regarding women—either way it’s bad). We have all been cat-called on the street, ass-grabbed in a bar or grinded at a frat without our consent. Some of us, unfortunately, have experienced sexual assault to a much greater degree. 

What Hook does is just this, intrudes upon Emma. But, what is particularly terrifying is he does it in a much more subtle manner and it;s insidious. He stalks her, he uses his own pain to emotionally manipulate her, and he views it as his right to speak to her as if she is a sexual object (and yet lesbians aren’t allowed because they are over sexualized and it’s a family show—but, that’s for a different post). And, he is able to do this, thanks to the writers, under the guise of love. His pain, however, to many grown women is so obviously a tool for emotional manipulation and it’s hard to feel sympathetic for him. 

I’m saying this now, because his character hit an all-time low in the most recent episode and it was the straw that broke my back, if you will. He has barely had any romantic interaction with Emma, especially mutual romantic interaction, he simply decided one day that he was in love with her. She has done nothing to discourage his feelings, but has certainly, as is her right, asked him to step back, and yet he claims she has broken his heart! I genuinely thought he would say Milah—I no longer think I am even watching the same show as the writers. 

What’s most terrifying though is that so many young girls like Emma and Hook together and think Hook is attractive. The message we are sending to them, really, really disturbs me. We are saying, with this show, that if a man, without your consent, pursues you long enough, then it is natural to submit and give in and claim love. 

I think that the women in the writers room need to speak-up, or maybe Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis need to have a long conversation with their wives or mothers, because all women know this feeling of helplessness and intrusion and they don’t find it attractive. 

THank-you thank-you thankyoiu thank thanku THANKYOU

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  • She’s wicked
  • She started like the fandoms most love characters, Regina and Rumple, overpowered by someone else
  • She has a troubled past
  • She became evil because of that troubled past
  • She is HOT
  • She is beautiful
  • She is powerful
  • She is complex

don’t forget outrageously sexy

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