This blog is 95% Swan Queen and 5% crying. 20 years old, openly gay, Australian uni student, film freak, health nut. Here I mainly rant about hot older women and cry through my keyboard. Jessica Chastain is my Redheaded Princess. Swan Queen shipper 'til the end.
Matt Bomer is my King.

Shows: Rectify, Masters of Sex, Ray Donovan, Once Upon A Time, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights, etc.
Films: Paris, Texas, Mulholland Drive + Brokeback Mountain.



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Get to know me meme: 3/10 movies » Brokeback Mountain
↳I wish I knew how to quit you.

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Leslie Knope tries impressions and accents


the best thing about it is that her vocal range is great for impressions, but her execution of them is so overdone which is what makes her so hilarious. It’s part of the reason she was so successful on SNL. Funniest lady. 

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Woman? Is that meant to insult me? (inspired by)

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Finally, some good advice from Cosmo

im gonna reblog this 300 times a day

Finally, some good advice from Cosmo

im gonna reblog this 300 times a day

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Emma Season 1: omg Regina I hate your guts give me MY son

Emma Season 3: BE CAREFUL BABY come home safe

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Lana Parrilla + the seating arrangements [aka the subtle way of pointing out how she and Jen are always seated so far away from each other]

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when straight guys ask how lesbian sex works i feel really bad for their girlfriends because if you dont understand how to have sex with a girl in any way other than repeatedly putting your dick in her you are having some really bad sex

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